Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Barbara Hepworth at Tate Britain: a Twitter Tour

On the strength of my post 'Tate Britain from the Floor', which you can see here, I was invited to do a Twitter Tour for the Barbara Hepworth exhibition at Tate Britain for the @tate_kids account.

So today I took over the @tate_kids account and tweeted our visit, a virtual tour of the exhibition, sharing our family's experiences. I say 'family', we also took a friend, nine year old charlie. So here's my tour, as you can see it's not my Twitter account, it's the Tate Kids, but it's all me.

Barbara Hepworth: Sculpture for a Modern World is on at Tate Britain until 25th October 2015. Details on their website, here.
It is a paying exhibition and I have to thank Tate Britain for inviting us to see it.

Update: I made a mistake. I have to admit I'm not 42. In all the excitement, I knocked a few years off my age. Thanks to a lovely friend who felt she had to point this out.


  1. How great!!! We really enjoyed a repeat visit to the Hepworth Sculpture Garden earlier in the year in St Ives, so it was great to see some different pieces in your tweet photos! xx

    1. We went to the Hepworth Sculpture Garden many years ago. I would love to go again. Great to see all the places you've been to on your blog.

  2. Looks a super exhibition. Shame it finishes before I come back to England. Must tell my mum about it though.

    Great tweeting too. :)

  3. Looks like a great visit and a super exhibition. I really enjoyed seeing some of the works through your children's eyes. I loved the Hepworth gallery in Wakefield when we visited a couple of years ago:)

  4. Are your kids so artistically minded because you've brought them up that way? The cafe ceiling photos are wonderful! I've been thinking of doing the Hepworth Wakefield (because it's nearer to me than Tate Britain). I think you've made my mind up for me.

  5. Looks like a marvellous exhibition. I enjoyed virtually touring it! X

  6. It was great how by the end the work was understood and everyone 'got it'.
    I love the baby deer, I wasn't expecting to see anything like that.
    Lisa x


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